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Enable Consulting combines methodologies and direct experiences, gained in the field by those who has managed companies in times of transition.

Our mission is to follow companies in the critical path of change, whether related to tactical aspects, whether to wider contexts involving strategic issues.

Our work is not limited solely to the design phase, but also covers the implementation of improvement initiatives, considering the values ​​and culture of the company, including its capacity to absorb the change.

We can therefore assist entrepreneurs and managers in initiatives like:

Thanks to Enable Consulting, companies can also draw on the capacity to drive the change from within, through one of the most effective tool: the Interim Management, an established practice in the Anglo-Saxon countries, which is emerging in Italy as choice for supporting and protecting SMEs, which may use, for a predefined period of time, high profile managers able to assume leadership roles in the organization, without having to create relationships of dependency indefinitely.

We are able to execute transformation initiatives outlined by others (subject to feasibility study) or create a path of change management that, through a structured approach, offers greater concreteness, solidity and continuity to the initiatives and expected results, transferring the necessary culture for a continuous improvement of the process started.

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